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Green Living





Green Living is here today and definitely here to stay.  With TLC Construction you can determine your shade of green whether it is on the light side, possibly wanting to use better insulation and increased efficiency on your heating and cooling equipment, or on the heavier side of green with roof solar panels and recycled materials.  We will help to accommodate your Green needs and find products that fit your goals and budget, while also following the International Energy Conservation Code.  TLC Construction encourages environmental awareness in all facets of building, from business practices and

landscaping, to recycled materials and product awareness.


The following are some recommended green products to consider (just to name a few)



The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. Genesis 2: 15


Wood or vinyl double pane low E windows to reduce conductivity of cold/heat transfer. 

5/8 insulated glass or argon filled windows provide energy saving thermal performance. 

Spray in cellulose and foam insulation 

Composite decking and recycled products 

Energy star appliances and standard building practices   

Poly seal exterior openings to prevent air infiltration. 

Insulated garages and garage doors 

Blower door and air duct testing         

Increasing seer rating on AC units 

Increased efficiency on heating units 

Tankless water heaters 

Jumper ducts on closed door rooms to allow for efficient airflow 

Organic and native landscaping   

Hot water circulation loops 

Tyvek house wrap and Tyvek sealant 

Ice block/rastra block construction 

Seal bottom plate insulation 

Proper attic ventilation 

Whole house fans 

Metal and alternative roofing materials 

Low volume water faucets and toilets 

Solar panels 

Wind generators 

Passive solar orientation 

Geothermal heating and cooling 

Rain water catchment systems 

Gray water irrigation 

Power factor correction 

Programmable thermostats and hot water pump