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General Information




What determines the cost of your home?

In the past 10 years we have built new custom homes from the $80’s to $200 a square foot, so it is important for you to know what the major contributors are to the cost of your home.  Building costs are largely based on site conditions, the owner’s specifications and the complexity of your house plans.  The homeowner’s budget and style determine the scope of the project.  It is very important, therefore, to talk with professional contractors, designers and architects that can interpret your needs, desires and budget in order to design a home tailor made for you that you can afford.


Why choose TLC Construction?


Experience, customer satisfaction, and integrity.  In choosing a potential homebuilder, we can’t stress enough to check out the credentials of your contractor, both before and after a home is built.  What truly sets us apart is in the relationships built with our clients.  We have dozens of clients that would love to speak with you and would even show you their home if you so desire.  Our clients are our best and most valued advertisement and can certify to you the results you can expect.


Can we just get a free consultation about the process of building?


We know how daunting the building process can be and it is often the largest investment of your life.  We encourage you to give us an hour or two of your time to go over your concerns and answer all of your questions.  We would love to be invited to take a look at your lot (or potential lot) where we can observe all the features such as slope, views, and natural aspects of the lot that make it unique.  We also can provide you with a complete designers check list to help us and your designer to solidify your ideas and to help us know your personality and style in order to bring you ideas and a price range for a home tailored to your needs and desires.


How do I get more information?


Call or send us your mailing address by clicking on the email icon and we will get our company packet out to you right away.  This packet includes our company flyer, our complete designer check list and a list of references.  You also may want to include your lot number and address or parcel number, if you have one, for a free evaluation.  We may even provide a house plan that we think may fit your lot and your desires after seeing your completed designers check list.  If you have any other questions feel free to contact us.


Is it cheaper to build or buy an existing home?


This depends on the economy and your personal needs.  With so many foreclosures and short sales on

the market today, it might or can be cheaper to buy an existing home and then remodel it to fit your unique needs.  But we would suggest that you don’t jump too quickly.  Along with providing remodeling services, we can also provide you with a complete home inspection.  There are many great home inspectors in the area and we still suggest that you use a qualified real estate home inspector.  But we take the home inspection to a new level to ensure that all codes, setbacks and governmental inspections were met as well as inspecting the more structural aspects of the home or damage to the home to help you avoid buying a “money pit” or something that is not able to be remodeled to suit your needs.  Then with our input and your ideas for repairs or renovation, we can provide you with a free estimate to perform the work desired.  So whether you are just needing an inspection before you jump into the biggest investment of your life or just need some ideas and a free estimate, don’t hesitate to call us.